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Ruth Bancroft Gardens & Nursery


MAIN OFFICE: (925) 944-9352

If you just need a glorious day in the outdoors taking in the beauty of your surroundings the Ruth Bancroft Garden and Nursery is the perfect getaway. Every season offers something new among the largest collection of succulents from around the world. You can easily get lost in awe at the beauty of Ruth’s work, and walk away feeling refreshed and renewed. Feel free to bring your lunch or dinner along and make it a picnic!

This world-renowned 3.5-acre garden, houses a collection of succulents, as well as drought-tolerant plants from around the world. The Garden’s founder, Ruth Bancroft, lived to be 109 and was known as the local pioneer for drought-tolerant gardening.

This is another popular Walnut Creek venue for weddings and private events, along with their youth educational programs, adult programs, volunteer opportunities, and tours. 

Each month, you can get a flyer all about what is in bloom at the time of your visit. Download the newest flyer here.

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